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6 steel jewelry that you need for this summer

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The steel necklaces and bracelets that you won't stop wearing

Steel jewelry is ideal for summer: waterproof, durable and shiny. For this reason, at Singularu we bring you jewelry that is proof for all your summer plans: beach, pool, mountain... Whatever it is, with bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or anklets made of stainless steel or in other words, stainless steel, you have the hottest days guaranteed. We present to you the 5 stainless steel and waterproof jewelry for women that you won't want to take off during the hot season. Let's go there!

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The most combinable necklace of the summer

The Lisse S Gold-plated Steel Necklace is the perfect complement for all your summer plans. A waterproof steel chain that will look perfect with your new colorful bikinis. Oh and if you are a fan of the silver finish, we also leave you its silver version.


The most versatile steel chain in your jewelry box

The 18kt Gold-plated Steel Cord Necklace in the shape of a braided rope is a fine necklace and ideal for combining with other steel chains and thus layering with your favorite summer necklaces. If you are a fan of the silver finish, we leave you its stainless steel version.


The spike-shaped bracelet is in trend

If you are looking for a bracelet in the shape of a herringbone or herringbone, the Lisse S Acero Bracelet will become your best friend. Always carry it with you: bathe or play sports with it, it will never ever rust, since its waterproof stainless steel material will always make it shine like the first day. Also find it in its 18kt Gold plated version.


The necklace that combines your two favorites: Silver and Gold Finish

The Lisse Twister Steel Mix Necklace made of steel combines the Gold and silver finish. A great stainless steel braided chain to combine with your holiday looks. If you want to opt for stainless steel jewelry, this necklace with two herringbone chains is the jewelry you need.


The thinnest chain for a delicate look

The Mini Twist Steel Necklace is an 18kt Gold-plated steel chain that triumphs for its delicacy and finesse. The mini twist necklace is ideal for your layering combinations since the style of this chain fits well with any necklace.


The necklace that highlights the tan of your neckline

A super versatile necklace to which you can add a thousand charms and combine with other steel chains for a super waterproof look. The Steel Tail Necklace is thin, round and you can add the Gold-plated Steel Tail Necklace for a more different look.

If you want water-resistant or waterproof jewelry, stainless steel jewelry will be your greatest ally. These waterproof jewelry such as earrings , necklaces , chains, stainless steel bracelets will never rust, thanks to their material that keeps their shine intact. These stainless steel jewelry with a silver finish are ideal men's necklaces and bracelets. If you want summer jewelry that lasts and is ideal for getting wet in the pool or beach, these Singularu chains will be the best option to wear or give as a gift.