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Jewelry care tips


We know that when you fall in love with a jewel, you don't take it off at all ;) If you do as we do when you fall in love with a jewel, be careful, it may lose its luster or darken!

How to clean your silver jewelry and protect them from oxidation?

The reason for the darkening of the jewels is oxidation, this is generated as a result of the contact of the jewels with acids. When your jewelry rubs against other bracelets or hair bands, some corrosion occurs, although without going any further, medications also alter the PH of our skin and that can cause silver jewelry to lose its luster. It seems incredible, right?

Many of you will think that the jewels darken from having them stored, and you will be right! Keeping jewelry in storage can also cause it to tarnish. To take care of your jewelery and prevent it from tarnishing follow the tips below:

  1. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.If it is also hermetic, you will avoid oxidation due to contact with oxygen.
  2. avoid contact of your jewelry with chlorine, sweat, perfume or sea salt.
  3. Don't leave your jewelry stacked as they can scratch each other. Also, be careful where you store them, as wood contains acids. The best option is to store them individually in their boxes.
  4. clean your silver jewelry once every two or three months to keep their shine. Immerse the jewels in a bowl of soapy water for ten minutes, rub them gently with a cotton cloth and dry them with a cloth or cloth. They also sell specific products to clean silver in supermarkets and specialized stores.


Gold is a strong material in itself. It does not corrode or erode, but it can lose its shine due to soaps, grease or dust particles. To keep your jewelry in pristine condition and help it stay clean, follow these steps:

  1. Try to remove your jewelry before showering, bathe in the sea or the pool and before using cleaning products. Soap and other chemicals can be abrasive and have a discoloring effect on gold.
  2. Treat your gold jewelry with careDespite being a resistant material, it can be easily deformed, so always try to take maximum care of them.
  3. clean your jewelry when you notice them darkened. The longer you take to clean them, the more they will deteriorate.

Tips to clean your gold jewelry:

First of all, make sure that other metals and gems are not going to be damaged by the cleaning process.

  1. Mix a few drops of mild dish soap or dish soap with warm water in a bowl.
  2. Put the jewels in the container, without rubbing them, and let them rest for 10 minutes.
  3. With a cotton cloth clean each jewel gently.
  4. Rinse each piece of gold jewelry with lukewarm water, removing the soap and making sure the water is clear.
  5. Before you return your jewelry to its box, polish it with a cloth.
  6. You can use specific gold cleaners that you will find in supermarkets or specific stores.


Many times we complain that the pendants are scratched, that untangling chains is exasperating or that the jewels get dirty quickly... Pay attention because most of the time, it is due to poor organization of our jeweler.

If you want your jewelery to last for many years, you just have to get used to storing it correctly. we give you some tips for organizing your jewelry:

  1. Close the strings: Closing chains, both necklaces and bracelets, will prevent knots from forming or becoming entangled with other chains. jewels.
  2. Separate rings: Rings with stones or figures tend to get damaged when they are put together with other rings. The best way to make them perfect is to have them in a special jewelry box for rings or in their little Singularu box.
  3. Earrings with their threads: Earring threads are like socks, you always lose one! To avoid this, never leave the earrings loose. In addition, a thread that does not touch can cause the loss of your earring.
  4. The gold separated from the rest: Despite the purity and strength of gold, it tends to darken easily so that even the oxygen itself makes it lose its shine. Save your gold jewelry in cloth bags, wrapped in a cloth or in its original box.
  5. away from damp places: Not only is the place where you keep the jewelry important, but also where you place the jewelry box is also important. Damp places considerably damage jewelry, so keep your jewelry in dry places and without sudden changes in temperature, always avoid leaving them in the bathroom!