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7 earrings that stylize the face and enhance the tan

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Do you want to know what jewelry will make your face look more stylish?

These are the jewels that stylize your face thanks to their optical effect and will enhance your tan thanks to their colored stones. Long earrings are always the best option to make your face look thin and achieve a delicate effect . Furthermore, if you want your jewelry to help highlight the tan on your face, we suggest bright colors such as stone, pearl or zircon earrings, ideal for adding a touch of shine to your looks.

Round-shaped faces are characterized by having shorter chins and striking cheekbones. In general, round faces have softer contours. If you identify with this type of face, these are the earrings that will suit you the most .

Here we leave you the most flattering earrings

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Long and colorful earrings

The Cascade Colors will automatically make your face look slimmer thanks to its ascending shape and with small colored stones that will give more weight to the lower part of your face.


The most original earrings

The Gota Arch are original and fine, their oval drop-shaped design makes your face look more elongated and harmonious, since the eyes will go to the bottom of the earrings.


Designed to make you shine

If you want to play with optical illusions and make your face look more angular, the Riviere Raspberry Gold Plated Earrings are ideal for their continuity in tone and shape that automatically refines the face and will highlight the blush on your cheeks even more.


The protagonists of your looks

Narcissus Earrings with large stones are ideal for achieving a longer face, since their volume helps soften the face. In addition, its colors contrast with the tone of your face, so you will look darker.


The star earrings of your jewelry box

These Star Punk Silver Earrings are ideal for achieving a more linear face because their design with asymmetrical shapes will make your face look more elongated. These earrings comply with the thin face effect, being more discreet.


Pearl earrings

The Falling Pearl are fine and luminous, and that is precisely what will be reflected on your face. Its light chain with pearls will elongate the shape of your face, adding a touch of light that will be reflected in a darker tone.


The hanging earrings you need

The Pearl Hoop Earrings with a hanging charm will make all eyes focus on the lower part of the earring, thus softening the face. In addition, the light pearls will contrast with the color of your face, thus highlighting the tan.

We have the earrings that best suit your face at Singularu . If you are looking to lengthen your face with long or hanging earrings, we leave you the best options to achieve it. Dangling earrings are what will make your face look slimmer and slimmer since they will visually lengthen the lower part of your face. These jewels help create a slimmer and more balanced facial appearance as they are known for their ability to visually elongate the face, softening facial contours and accentuating the jawline. Find long, eye-catching earrings that suit your personal style.