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Essential basic jewelry

At Singularu we are fans of all our jewelry, but there are some that are iconic. They remind us of how we started, what made us stand out... and we are among those who say that jewelry (although very beautiful) is an excuse to celebrate life and remember all the beautiful memories.

These are the jewels that cannot be missing from your wardrobe. They are like those jeans that fit like a glove, or that white shirt that goes with everything. These jewels are Singularu's all-time classics, and your jeweler needs them no matter what.


The stamp

Personalized Letter Signet Ring Gold Plated

Have you ever heard "this is very you"? The Letter Signet is precisely that, very Singularu.

The most iconic personalized signet ring in our collection. This 18kt gold plated initial ring is perfect for giving as a gift or why not, giving yourself a gift. Being an adjustable ring, it is a sure hit!

The Multi-Color

Hoop Earrings Colors Silver Gold Plated

Wherever they go, they sweep, due to their brightness and colors (of course). They all have a special place in your ear and jewelry box.


These colorful 925 Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold plated earrings are perfect to wear every day, or why not, to any event , graduation or party. These earrings will accompany you in all your summer plans.

Vitamin D

Crystals Colors Silver Gold Plated Necklace

Joy to wear, literally. It elevates an outfit and sometimes even steals the spotlight ;)


This colorful ball necklace is perfect for adding joy to any look. The Crystals Colors is a 925 Sterling Silver choker plated in 18kt Gold. A choker with beads that you will always want to carry with you.

The perfect match

Silver Mini Medallion Necklace

Like Bonnie and Clyde, pizza and cheese...there are things that can't be separated. Our perfect match, either.


This personalized name pendant or necklace is perfect to always carry with you. It will remind you of the most special letter. The initial necklace par excellence, we have it. Furthermore, although they are inseparable, you can combine this 925 Sterling Silver chain with a thousand more pendants or charms .

The eternal

Silver Infinity Bracelet

This 925 Sterling Silver bracelet is the representation of eternal jewelry, those that you look at and transport you to a special memory.

This infinity bracelet had to be in our TOP ten, because in addition to being pretty, it is a very special detail to give to your best friend, mother or sister.

The all-time classic

Gold Plated Triple Cross Ring

Don't give it any more thought. A classic with personality that has been with us forever and ever.

This everyday ring is your best ally. Goes with any basic look, you won't want to take it off. In addition, the ring is plated in 18kt gold, it is large, golden and takes center stage.

Crown jewel

Gold Plated Silver Narcissus Drop Earrings

Crush on first jewel. Is it because of its colors, geometric shapes or its desire to party? We don't know, but with these 925 Sterling Silver pendant earrings dipped in 18kt Gold: Love is in the ear. In addition, they are ideal for any event. 

The long waterfall earrings that look best are these, their stones are perfect for a wedding, graduation or party guest look.

The must-have

Gold Plated Link Bracelet

He always sneaks into all your plans. He loves to shine and shine in style and he has that overwhelming "je ne sais quoi".

This adjustable bracelet with 18kt gold-plated gold links looks great combined with a thousand colorful bracelets and your favorite watch.

If you ask us, these are the TOP jewelry that every girl needs in her collection... but of course, it doesn't end here... discover more combinations and styles just for you.

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