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Jewelry for events

We know that event bells are ringing. Is the time. Whether it's a wedding, your graduation or a party with friends, earrings are always a recurring theme. Long or short earrings? Hoops? Gold or Silver?...And we could spend the whole day like this.

Let's make it easy. A guide to earrings so you don't fail and shine (even more).

Wedding guest earrings

We're going to a wedding! Your earrings should match your dress or suit and, to be honest, they will give you clues about what hairstyle you will end up choosing.


If you are going to a daytime wedding, your dress is probably colorful, so we recommend this selection, available in both Silver and Gold:

- Gold earrings are versatile and look good with warm colors. If you also have a tan, gold earrings will enhance the tone.

- Silver earrings are ideal with colder colors and light skin tones, highlighting the color of your eyes.

- Pearls are ideal for a daytime wedding guest, both silver and gold pearl earrings are a sure hit. Pearl earrings or long earrings are fine and timeless.

If you wear your hair up, we recommend large earrings so that they are the main piece.


If your dress is cocktail style, long or monochrome, we recommend wearing jewelry with stones that will stand out and elevate your look. We leave you here our selection:

Important! Our earrings are weightless, so they are perfect for dancing all night and being comfortable.


For this special event, we recommend choosing thin and versatile earrings. Your accessories should be appropriate for both the graduation ceremony and the most important part, the after party. We leave you here our favorite earrings for graduation:

If you want your dress to be the protagonist, choose discreet jewelry to give a special touch. If your outfit is simpler, choose earrings that stand out and are attractive.


The best festivals are coming, and we have accumulated dates and desire. We know that you are one of those who like to wear new jewelry and show it off with different looks. For you, a selection of comfortable jewels that are difficult to lose among jumps and hoarse voices (it's happened to us). We recommend these here:

A fine and casual combination for your impromptu parties:

Jewelry to add a touch of color and shine to the night:

The perfect earrings when you want to add the finishing touch to your party look:

If you want to gossip about more earrings in addition to the ones we have recommended, don't miss the Top Sales for events.