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The original Horoscope Jewels

We all like to know what an Aries, Leo, Pisces is like... and all their characteristics. So...Do you want to know what this season has in store for you and what gem belongs in your horoscope? We tell you everything. This is the Singularu zodiac.


Capricorn girls are stubborn, for better and for worse. In this sense, their stubbornness works in their favor since they always achieve what they set out to do. They do not give up easily and that helps them to be perseverant, disciplined and very faithful to their ideas. Now, don't bother arguing with a Capricorn, they will beat you. Your lucky gem is this.


The personality characteristics of a Leo are clear: daring, determined and confident. Leo follows his path even if they tell him that's not where he belongs, that's where all the learning of Leo people comes from. That's why they say that Leos have a gift for giving advice, because of course, they've been through it all. Your lucky gem is this.


The Cancer personality is reserved at first, but when you give it free rein, it shines on its own. You are like a diamond in the rough, those who know you know that fun is guaranteed with you and you are undoubtedly a surprise to those who believe that you are shy and very much your own person. Cancer's lucky charm is this.


What is an Aries like? You are fire and passion. You are characterized by being very faithful to your friends and partners. You are overwhelming, fun and very creative, however, if something doesn't fit you, don't hesitate to say it. You are brave and you don't doubt things twice. Aries, this is your amulet.


Libra people are free souls. You won't see them excessively worried about anything, they flow and make everything happen. Calm characterizes them and they instill it in others. If you are overwhelmed, turn to a Libra, they will know how to see the positive and easy side of things. The jewel of the Libras is this.


Pisces people are generally peaceful and zen, you won't see them come into conflict with anyone. As their sign indicates, they flow like water and are always in a good mood. Now, when the tide rises, Pisces have a tendency to get overwhelmed and change that chill mood that characterizes them so much. Your special gem is next.


What is Taurus like? You are impulsive, explosive and very easy to get along with. You sign up for any plan and you never get no for an answer. Everyone wants to have a little piece of you, but remember, you also have to prioritize and spend time with yourself. The lucky charm for Taurus is this.


Scorpios have an imaginative personality and everything they intuit is very likely to happen. This is not because they are witches by any means (or yes), it is because of their great capacity for observation and analysis of the environment. They are never late and their willpower is admirable. Your jewel is next.


What are Sagittarius people like? Sagittarius girls are very generous, and they are always willing to sacrifice their piece of cake to share it with you. This is admirable, but be careful Sagittarius, there are times you have to be a little selfish and see who is really pulling too hard on the thread of generosity. Your good luck charm is next.


What is a Virgo person like? Organized, methodical and a big fan of schedules and rules. Maybe she won't be your travel companion to Thailand or for last-minute plans, but she will be your best friend for organized trips, study days, practicing Marie Kondo in your closet... Virgo loves things well made. Your lucky charm and mental order is this.


What are Geminis like? You are strong and you set your path, you know yourself very well and you are not affected by other people's opinions, but dear Gemini, you are not made of stone, and sometimes what apparently seems like innate security is a shell. Get rid of all that barrier and open yourself a little more to the rest, you will discover that you feel better. The perfect jewelry for a Gemini is the following.


What is the aquarium's personality like? Well curious by nature. It is characterized by its desire to explore, know beyond and always have an active mind. You will never be bored with an Aquarius and they themselves do not give themselves a break, there is always something to do and something to discover. Your lucky gem is next.